xmap blank screen Joomla 3.2

Problem: XMAP displays a blank screen when you click on the sitemap in Joomla 3.2.* and higher, or it displays a Internal 500 error.

Solution: XMAP references a component that is no longer required in versions later than 3.2.*

Remove or comment out the following line from /components/com_xmap/helpers/xmap.php

REMOVE OR COMMENT OUT:  require_once(JPATH_SITE .’/includes/application.php’);

It should be in the top 7 lines of the php script.

JFolder::create: Infinite loop detected

SYMPTOMS: You are trying to install a plugin or component using the extension manager in Joomla 1.5 or higher and receive JFolder::create: Infinite loop detected

SOLUTION: Your TMP directory is not set correctly. In many server configurations open_basedir is set to a specific folder in your php.ini settings. Try changing the tmp directory path from /var/www/yoursite/httpdocs/tmp to just /tmp in the Joomla global configuration.

Joomla: Proper permissions for configuration.php

Symptom: What is the proper permissions for Joomla’s configuration.php?

Solution: The proper setting is 0644

owner: read and write permissions,
group: only read permissions,
others: only read permissions.

To change from SSH/Telnet
: chmod 644 configuration.php

Always check the configuration.php permissions after a fresh install as some servers require it to be set to 777 prior to completing the configuration.