SpamAssassin not Filtering certain domains

Problem: Spamassassin is not properly filtering domains such as link, click, xyz, science, and similar.

Solution: Your Registrar Boundaries file is out of date.

In Ubuntu, go to /usr/share/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin/Util/

Use: wget  (It will probably download as

cp to

cp to

sudo service spamassassin restart



Shellshock Patch

Symptoms: Your system is susceptible to the Shellshock Patch, unless you have updated in the last two weeks, this is probably the case.  This article applies to Linux based systems.

Solution:  In Ubuntu, run sudo apt-get update, then run sudo apt-get install bash.  This will update your system against the latest vulnerability.

If you are using centos, use yum.

userdel (options) username

userdel is used in Unix / Linux systems to remove a user from the system.


-h –help; Display the help/man information and exit

-r –remove; this flag will remove the user’s home directory and associated mail.  If the user is logged in or has processes running, this command will not work.

-f –force; force the removal of the user even if the user is logged in. This should only be used as a last resort as it could potentially damage your file systems.

SYNTAX: # userdel -r/-f/-h username.