igdpmd64.sys Blue Screen

Symptoms: The computer continues to receive a blue screen with an error in the file igdpmd64.sys at random times.

Solution: There is a known conflict between Microsoft Update KB2670838 and Hybrid Video cards which results in the system becoming unstable and displaying the notorious “Blue Screen of Death”.

1. Go to Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Show Installed Updates

2. Locate KB2670838 and uninstall

3. Reboot the system

The system should now be stable.

Blue Screen of Death keycrypt64.sys

Symptoms: Computer is an HP Model that suddenly blue screens and returns an error with keycrypt64.sys before rebooting.

Items Needed: USB Mouse, USB Keyboard, Windows Boot Disk or Utility Disk

Solution: A recent update push to Constant Guard (Comcast) has a conflict with the default keyboard / mouse dll for HP Machines. This is a temporary fix.

Step 1. Boot the machine using the utility boot disk to access a command prompt.

Step 2. Copy C:\windows\system32\drivers\hpqkbfiltr.sys to C:\windows\system32\drivers\hpqkbfiltr.old (THIS WILL DISABLE YOUR KEYBOARD AND MOUSE THAT ARE NOT USB)

Step 3. Attach the USB Keyboard and Mouse plugged into a side port and reboot the laptop. Windows should boot normally.

Step 4. Once logged into windows, go to control panel, add/remove programs and remove Comcast Constant Guard

Step 5.  Reboot and use the USB Keyboard and mouse to rename C:\windows\system32\drivers\hpqkbfiltr.old to C:\windows\system32\drivers\hpqkbfiltr.sys

Step 6. Reboot, unplug USB Keyboard and Mouse, computer should be running fine..

Special Thanks to Bob Bailey for posting this solution for the community!