igdpmd64.sys Blue Screen

Symptoms: The computer continues to receive a blue screen with an error in the file igdpmd64.sys at random times.

Solution: There is a known conflict between Microsoft Update KB2670838 and Hybrid Video cards which results in the system becoming unstable and displaying the notorious “Blue Screen of Death”.

1. Go to Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Show Installed Updates

2. Locate KB2670838 and uninstall

3. Reboot the system

The system should now be stable.

Blue Screen of Death keycrypt64.sys

Symptoms: Computer is an HP Model that suddenly blue screens and returns an error with keycrypt64.sys before rebooting.

Items Needed: USB Mouse, USB Keyboard, Windows Boot Disk or Utility Disk

Solution: A recent update push to Constant Guard (Comcast) has a conflict with the default keyboard / mouse dll for HP Machines. This is a temporary fix.

Step 1. Boot the machine using the utility boot disk to access a command prompt.

Step 2. Copy C:\windows\system32\drivers\hpqkbfiltr.sys to C:\windows\system32\drivers\hpqkbfiltr.old (THIS WILL DISABLE YOUR KEYBOARD AND MOUSE THAT ARE NOT USB)

Step 3. Attach the USB Keyboard and Mouse plugged into a side port and reboot the laptop. Windows should boot normally.

Step 4. Once logged into windows, go to control panel, add/remove programs and remove Comcast Constant Guard

Step 5.  Reboot and use the USB Keyboard and mouse to rename C:\windows\system32\drivers\hpqkbfiltr.old to C:\windows\system32\drivers\hpqkbfiltr.sys

Step 6. Reboot, unplug USB Keyboard and Mouse, computer should be running fine..

Special Thanks to Bob Bailey for posting this solution for the community!

Windows: Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet Explorer Close unexpectedly

Problem: Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Internet Explorer close unexpectedly on a regular basis in Vista. Crash report lists gdiplus.dll_unloaded as the module.


1. gdiplus.dll_unloaded is in conflict with Apple iCloud, uninstall the iCloud program and reboot the machine, this will correct the regular crashes.

2. If you want to maintain iCloud, open Windows Control Panel, find the iCloud control panel icon, open the control panel and allow iCloud to deploy fully to all of the programs on the affected computer. This will result in new icons appearing in Word and Excel.

3. If neither of the above solutions work, or if gdiplus.dll is not listed, try scanning the machine for malware.